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D Pharm 1st Year Books
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Why Book with Teachers D Pharm Books & Notes

  1. Simplicity: Our books strike the perfect balance – not too deep, not too shallow. Just the right dose of information to sail through.
  2. Student-Friendly: We understand you. Our content is tailored to match your style, making studying genuinely enjoyable.
  3. Visual Help: Our books go beyond words. Dive into flow charts and diagrams that enhance your understanding of complex concepts.
  4. TOP-20 Exam Series: Our “TOP-20 Exam Series” brings you the 20 most important questions and answers for every subject. Excitingly, many of these questions tend to appear in the actual board exams, increasing your chances of success. It’s like a sneak peek into what might show up on your exam paper! 

D. Pharm 1st Year Books

1. Pharmaceutics

  • In Pharmaceutics students will learn about Dosage form concepts, advantages, and disadvantages, along with formulation methods and quality control tests.
  • The curriculum also covers packaging, labelling requirements, and emphasizes the importance of quality assurance and good manufacturing practices in pharmaceuticals. 

2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

This subject covers the basics of chemical structure, storage, and medicinal uses of organic and inorganic substances in pharmaceuticals. Students will master chemical classification, pharmacological uses, formulation types, and quality control, allowing them to describe and identify drugs effectively. 

3. Pharmacognosy

  • Course explores medicinal uses of natural drugs, emphasizing evaluation of crude drugs, alternative medicine, and applications in nutraceuticals and herbal cosmetics.
  • Students learn identification tests for phytoconstituents, therapeutic applications, and quality control principles for natural drug substances. 

4. Human Anatomy and Physiology

Course covers the basics of human anatomy and physiology, focusing on organ systems, homeostatic mechanisms, and vital physiological parameters. 

5. Social Pharmacy

Course covers public health basics, emphasizing pharmacist’s roles in national programs. Students learn about preventive care, nutrition-related health issues, and pharmacist’s general responsibilities in public health.

D Pharm 2nd Year Books:

1. Pharmacology

  • This course provides essential knowledge on drug classes for common diseases, emphasizing indications, dosage, administration, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and contraindications.
  • Students will learn fundamental pharmacology concepts, drug classifications, dosage details, and how to address adverse effects, enabling successful professional practice.

2. Community Pharmacy and Management

  • This course equips students with essential skills for community pharmacy practice, covering establishment, legal requirements, prescription handling, patient counseling, and basic health screening.
  • Successful completion ensures competency in pharmacy administration, professional prescription management, patient guidance, and health screening in a community setting.

3. Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology

  • This course provides fundamental knowledge on biomolecule structure, cellular processes, and clinical pathology of blood and urine.
  • Students will understand biomolecule functions, enzyme activities, metabolic pathways, organ function tests, and the qualitative/quantitative determination of biomolecules. 

4. Pharmacotherapeutics

This course provides foundational knowledge on the etiopathogenesis of common diseases and their evidence-based management, with a focus on the quality use of medicines. 

5. Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy

  • This course provides fundamental knowledge and skills for hospital and clinical pharmacy services.
  • Topics include hospital and pharmacy organization, basics of pharmacy services, introduction to clinical pharmacy, and interpretation of lab results for drug therapy optimization.
  • Students will learn hospital pharmacy administration, supply chain management, drug therapy monitoring, and lab result interpretation for enhanced pharmaceutical care.

6. Pharmacy Law and Ethics

  • This course imparts basic knowledge on Indian pharmacy laws, covering their history, regulatory Acts and Rules, ethical guidelines, and fundamentals of patent laws.
  • Upon completion, students will be equipped to describe the evolution of pharmacy law, interpret regulations, discuss ethical standards, and understand patent laws in the context of pharmacy.

D Pharm Notes (Top-20 Exam Series)

Why Our D. Pharm Notes (TOP-20 Exam Series) are the Best:

  1. Covers Everything: Our notes have the top 20 important questions and answers for all D. Pharm subjects, making sure you understand the key stuff. 

  2. In Your Language: We’ve got video lessons in Hindi and English, so it’s easy for everyone to learn.

  3. Easy Learning: The answers are made simple, with lots of pictures and charts to help you understand better.

  4. Pass the Exam: A bunch of questions from our notes usually show up in the actual board exams, increasing your chances of doing well. We’re here to help you succeed!

D Pharm Notes for 1st Year

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