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“Book with Teachers is a student essential, offering top-quality lectures, practical videos, and textbooks via a user-friendly app. It boosts understanding, improves academics, and hones practical skills for exam success and future careers, all at an affordable cost.”

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1st Year D.Pharm Books

Video Lectures, PDF Notes, MCQ, ETC.

D Pharm 1st Year Books

2nd Year D.Pharm Books

Video Lectures, PDF Notes, MCQ, ETC.

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What Is Book With Teachers?

“Book with Teachers” offers tailored textbooks for D.Pharm students, providing comprehensive content with the benefit of enhancing understanding and facilitating academic success.

Inside "Book with Teachers," you get everything you need for your studies: easy-to-understand textbooks, engaging video lectures by top teachers, and practical guides with videos. It's a complete learning package!

Choose "Book with Teachers" for a one-stop learning solution. Benefit from easy-to-follow textbooks, engaging video lectures by top educators, and practical guides. We simplify learning to help you succeed.

The best books for D.Pharm students are available through "Book with Teachers." Our curated selection includes comprehensive and easy-to-understand textbooks tailored for D.Pharm courses, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Inside Book With Teachers

Text book

Why settle for ordinary textbooks when you can have a book with a teacher’s textbook? Simple language and easy to understand.


Chance to learn from India’s top teachers: two teachers teaching each chapter in both Hindi and English

Top 20 and practical

Our app focuses on interactive learning with  video lectures, featuring India’s first “Top 20 Pharmacy Guide” for board exam preparation.

Book With Teachers Advantages

Approx. 100 pages

Per Subject with core content

Lectures in 2 Language

Lectures available in Hindi & English

2 Teachers

2 teachers for each chapter

Exit Exam preparation

With help of our MCQ tests

Daily drug concept

Learn about a new drug daily.

Top-20 Questions

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