Book With Teachers for D Pharm Students

Our focus is transforming outdated books into interactive versions, ensuring modern education in line with industry standards set by regulatory bodies like PCI and AICTE. Get Books + Teachers + Value added courses + Career updates, all at textbook prices.”


To be a leader in Pharmacy Education and to create technically competent Pharmacists.


Mission of the Book With Teacher is to educate and train students in the knowledge of Pharmaceutical Sciences and to contribute to improvement of health of the society through education

Who We Are

Welcome to ‘Book with Teachers,’ where we’re reshaping D.Pharma education. Our app isn’t just textbooks—it’s a dynamic blend of top-tier lectures, practical guides, and cutting-edge learning tools. And for colleges, we’re offering a game-changing opportunity: a personalized app, crafted to elevate admissions, strengthen academics, and pave the way for brighter career paths. 

We believe in the power of our books and app to transform student success. By making them a must-have, colleges empower their students with the best tools for their journey. Join us in creating a future where D.Pharma students thrive!

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