Choosing the right book is the most important part of the study, Because without the right book you may face problems like unclear content, lengthy content, and many more.

Today in this blog I have added top publications for 1st year D.Pharmacy Books

1. Nirali Prakashan

Nirali Prakashan is one of India’s oldest publishers, the most authoritative academic content Publisher with about 40 years of expertise and more than 20,000 titles published till date.

We publish syllabus-oriented textbooks and reference books specially curated by academicians, researchers and professors of India’s most well-renowned Universities for a host of fields such as Pharmacy, Engineering, Management, CBSE, Commerce, Science, Arts, Junior College (11th & 12th) & Primary & Secondary Education (Maharashtra Board).

Nirali prakashan has

2. Thakur Publication

Thakur Publishers as a venture was established by a group of students of MBA, who are founders also, to publish the first study notes cum textbook for the aspirant, studying students of the U.P. Technical University, which had come in existence just after 2 years of establishment of UPTU, because when the group of students, while studying for the semester examinations were guideless both from teachers as well as from the market as no textbook (as per the Syllabus) was available of any publication.

Inspired by this shortcoming, dedication and determination of the group of MBA students of IEM and MLRSM, established a publishing house titled ‘Thakur Publishers’ at Lucknow, because of the University office here, on November 2, 2002, and the aggrieved students generously contributed the collection of their study material for publishing it in form of study notes cum textbook named ‘Hand book’ for the betterment of the future students of U.P Technical University.

The first publication, which came out during Nov-Dec 2002 for 1st semester of MBA, was marketed by the said group of students in almost all the colleges affiliated to the U.P Technical University in U.P. only. Since U.P Technical University is also looking after Uttranchal, and to achieve its mission to serve maximum number of students with better quality and up-to-date education matter in the field of MBA/Technical Education, Thakur Publishers expanded its selling area in subsequent years in Uttranchal and Delhi too, through Whole sellers, Distributors and Retailers, a well-established network, so that students anywhere do not get upset for non-availability of the book at their location.

3. Speak Pharma ( 1st Year D Pharma Books From Book With Teachers )

BOOK WITH TEACHERS Which ensures that you have easy accessibility to a collection of all essential concepts, theory, definitions and important diagram & flowcharts. I am confident that Book with Teachers will be useful to pharmacy students and the teachers as well as the candidates desiring to succeed in board exams for better job opportunities in various field of pharmacy profession

Some of the salient features in our Smart Book

  • 2 teachers for each chapter
  • Lucid and easy language
  • Exit Exam preparation
  • Core content in crisp way
  • Approx. 100 pages per subject with to the point content

Buy All Books For 1st Year D.Pharma

  1. Pharmaceutical chemistry
  2. Pharmaceutics
  3. Pharmacognosy
  4. Social Pharmacy
  5. Human Anatomy and Physiology
  6. All D.Pharmacy 1st year book set 

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