Book with teachers is an innovative concept of smart learning.

Here we get book in crisp format with flowcharts and diagrams, for easy understanding along with online teachers who teaches in two languages.

Here is a next big step of getting Value added courses like Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur Management (PEM) with unique features like Daily Drug Concept & Exit Exam Preparation, which in turn increase the knowledge about the Pharmaceutical Industry and prepares students to crack any interview without sounding like a fresher.

So what are waiting for?

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Book with teachers is an innovative concept of smart learning

Speak Pharma Publications has come up with this concept of learning looking at the discrepancies in the current pharmaceutical curriculum and available book options in the market. There is difference in teaching Pharmacy and the present book content.

Speak Pharma diligently worked on the problem and came up with solution called “ BOOK WITH TEACHERS”

We coined it as a “SOLUTION” because BOOK WITH TEACHERS gives book along with teachers who teaches same syllabus which is needed to clear the exams with a very good score.

We have made book in way that it gives maximum knowledge in a crisp format.

The book is not lengthy and draggy, it is very interesting with a flowchart, tables & diagrams which are easy to understand and remember.

Here we are giving pre-recorded online lecture series in 2 languages from most renowned teachers, so that the language barrier can be filtered away from understanding the core concepts.

The whole focus is given on teaching CONCEPTS in the best possible way, so that concepts can be inculcated in the student’s mind for life long.

Book With Teachers Moto

Our main moto to keep our students up to date with the information about real-world of pharmacy, what’s basic practical knowledge must be needed as a pharmacy student, what are the next big opportunities after academics? How to achieve them? What are the different career options being available after the pharmacy course?

To solve above all the questions, we are introducing Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur Management (PEM) course, which is adding a management Values to the students in very early stage.

This course is based on a practical knowledge of an industry which is really needed before entering in a real pharmacy world.

We are incorporating Daily Drug Concept where the basic knowledge of running medicines can be given in a short video formats.  Short videos are made to understand the most frequently used medicament along with their uses. This type of interesting knowledge will keep student up to date so that they can refer any drug at point of time and use in a day to day life to educate people around them for minor health ailments.

This concept can increase the student’s dignity level and acceptance from society for having a very crucial knowledge about drugs. This knowledge can also help students to pass the exit examination which is mandated by government before getting Pharmacist degree.

By all this method we are making a good set student with raised standards of education and Practical knowledge we have created a market for students where we can provide them a good career opportunity for betterment of their future.

So what you all are waiting for?


I am sure you are gonna love us…

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