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Book For D Pharmacy Students (Book With Teachers)

As a pharmacy student many students face issues like – 200-300 pages books, unclear concepts, lectures in English and many more. but students don’t have any solution for this till now, but Book With Teachers is here for D.Pharm students for making their study more easy and clear concepts.

Book With Teachers For D.Pharmacy Students

We have come up with a very interesting concept where students can learn and clear their concepts.

in our smartbook “Book With Teachers” we have added a value-added course, daily drug concept, search drug, and many more, with these special features a student can become a professional pharmacist.

Why Choose Book With Teachers For D Pharmacy?

Book With Teachers is specially established for D.Pharm Students. we have created a perfect book for D.pharm students our book consists of Important content without missing any of important topic.

We have done our research and found that almost 60% of students are failing in D.Pharm (Diploma In Pharmacy) we have ghaterd up information and created a solution for D.Pharm Students

Check the following Problems Face By D.Pharm students and the solutions we have.

Lengthy & confusing conceptsEasy flowcharts and diagrams with animation
Differ in lecture content and text book contentSimilar lecture and text book content
Understanding English for vernacular students is difficultLectures available in Hindi & English
Only 1 Teacher for explaining conceptTwo teachers for each chapter
250-300 pages with lengthy contentApprox. 100 pages per subjectwith core content
No knowledge about pharma industryPharmaceutical Entrepreneurship Management (PEM)
Students can’t reattend lectures if missedStudents can reattend lectures anytime anywhere
Less knowledge about pharmacy career and scopePharma news and career updates

What You Will Get At Book With Teachers?

  • D.Pharm Text Books
  • Best Online Lectures For D.Pharm
  • Learn Daily 1 New Drug
  • Search Any Drug & Disease
  • Ask any Questions 24/7
  • Attend MCQs of all subjects

Get Everything at one place Text Books + PDF Notes + Attend MCQs + Online Lectures every study material which will help you in study

Download The Book With Teachers App

Buy D pharmacy 1st year books

D pharmacy 1st year subjects

  1. Pharmaceutical chemistry
  2. Pharmaceutics
  3. Pharmacognosy
  4. Social Pharmacy
  5. Human Anatomy and Physiology

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