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Words just cannot describe our gratitude for the publication of the Book with Teacher and the Multifeatured app for our D. Pharm students. The amount of involvement and interest we have noticed in our pupils since implementing these resources has astounded our faculty. The way these technologies have changed our pupils' educational experiences is genuinely uplifting.

Dr. Prakash (Akshaya Institute of Pharmacy)

The release of the Book with Teacher and the Multifeatured app have altered the dynamic of our D. Pharm programme. It has been tremendously satisfying to watch the confidence and excitement of our kids growth. We are confident that these tools will contribute significantly to their academic and professional success.

Dr. Raman Dang (Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy)

In the more than 20 years in D. Pharmacy, I have been a teacher, I have never encountered anything like the Book with Teacher's publication and the Multifeatured app. The way these resources have changed our pupils' educational experiences is absolutely amazing. They are eager to learn, and they have outperformed our expectations in terms of performance.

Dr. Harsha Vidyashree College.

Teaching our D. Pharm students has become an extremely pleasant experience thanks to the advent of The Book with Teacher and the Multifeatured app. For my coworkers and I, witnessing our pupils' development and success has been tremendously emotional. We are aware of the significant impact these tools are having on their life.

-Dr. Nirmal Kasekar Bharti Vidyapeeth

Just thinking about how the publishing of the Book with Teacher and the Multifeatured app are affecting our D. Pharm programme makes me sad. It is genuinely delightful to watch our pupils' cheeks light up as they interact with the app's interactive elements and gain knowledge from the book's in-depth explanations. We are aware that these tools are altering the playing field for our students and positioning them for success.

Dr. Sanjeev Chincholi Shree Raghvendra College of Pharmacy

It's difficult to express the effect that the release of the Book with Teacher and the Multifeatured app are having on our D. Pharm programme. Nothing is more satisfying for instructors than seeing their kids succeed. We never imagined being able to accomplish that goal, but these resources are making it possible. We are very appreciative of the chance to use these resources to influence pharmacy education in the future.

Dr. Rajeshwari MVM College of Pharmacy
    “I attended various lectures on the internet but nothing was really helful, but so far i got to know about Book With Teachers and now everything is so clear i can understand all concepts very easily. Thanks to Book With Teachers app with this i can practice MCQ tests and prepare for my D.Pharm exit exam”
    “I would like to thank Book With Teachers, especially their 24/7 Ask question feature, i can easily ask any question to teachers and clear that concept within 1 day Without their support I would have not cleared my D.Pharm“
    “I'm very happy and satisfied about Book With Teachers Text Books & Teachers. There was very vast knowledge and experience and I love the way they explain all things to students. They know how to support a student going through low level of studies. They were very fast in giving his explanation to my questions and they answer to any of my questions and helps me finding the correct answers.”
    Excellent informative app keeping it interesting and interactive. Great teachers who is happy to assist and explain further where necessary. Thanks to Book With Teachers"
    I had a great experience with Book With Teachers, they have provided me with all the tools and information I need to progress in my studies."
    I really enjoyed studying from Book With Teachers, I have since put some of what I learned from Book With Teachers! and results were very much interesting i cleared my D.Pharm very easily”
    Excellent introduction to the topics. Book With Teachers gives the student an excellent study materials.
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