What Is Book With Teachers?

We publish professional courses and provide the greatest professors from around India to rural areas in order to develop the best professionals through clever application.Our main objective is to convert all obsolete books in a smarter book version with our interactive app integration.

In order to fulfil Book With Teacher’s goal of offering the best pharmaceutical and professional courses instruction through our books and app, we have assembled a strong team of authors and top teachers across India. 

online lectures for d pharmacy students free video lecture for d pharm 1st year & 2nd year students in hindi and english
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is to “create technically proficient chemists” and to be a pioneer in pharmacy education.


The Book With Teacher’s mission is to instruct and teach students in the understanding of pharmaceutical sciences and to use education to promote society’s health smartly.

About Us

Why to choose BWT?

Comprehensive and Convenient Learning: With five pillars of assistance, students have access to everything they need to succeed in their studies and career. The Book With Teachers offers video lectures, textbooks, a pharmacy guide, upskilling courses, and career training, all in one convenient location. For 24* 7 teacher’s online assistance.

Quality Content: The application features video lectures from top faculties across India, textbook explanations that cover the new syllabus ER 2020, and a pharmacy guide with expertly answered questions. The content is designed to help students understand the material and succeed in their studies.

Easy to Use: The Book With Teachers is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible to students of all levels.

Career Opportunities: The application provides guidance on career opportunities and recruitment in top pharma industries, helping students to prepare for interviews and improve their communication skills.

Affordable: The Book With Teachers is affordable, making it accessible to students from all backgrounds. In summary, choosing this Book With Teachers for D. pharmacy offers students comprehensive and convenient learning, quality content, ease of use, career opportunities, and affordability.


a student of D. pharma who wants to advance in a rapidly evolving field

As a D.Pharmacy student, you are aware of how critical it is to keep current in a subject that is always changing. Book With Teachers might help you with this problem. You can use the Book With Teachers study method to supplement traditional classroom instruction with cutting-edge digital resources, keeping you on the leading edge of your area.

Using digital resources in addition to printed books to improve learning is called “Book With Teachers.” This includes a wide range of tools like the Book With Teachers app, online classes, textbooks, video lectures, skill-upgrading programmes, and support from 2487 expert teachers. The ability to learn and advance at your own pace is made possible by Book With Teachers, which also offers top-notch, market-leading resources that can be accessible from any location in the world.

The freedom from the limitations of a regular classroom setting and the chance to learn at your own pace are two of Book With Teachers’ most important advantages. This gives you the opportunity to mix your education with other commitments like employment or family by letting you study when and when it is most convenient for you. This kind of adaptability is essential in the difficult and quick-paced field of pharmacy.

With online courses and video lectures from famous professors, Book With Teachers also offers the chance to learn from the greatest teachers in India. By gaining access to these high-caliber resources, you may expand your knowledge base and give yourself the tools to stay on top of the game.

Additionally, Book With Teachers makes studying more effective by allowing you to quickly and conveniently access important information while on the go via Book With Teachers applications and e-books. This enables you to maximise your time and concentrate on the most important components of your education. With features like progress tracking for study hours and your current rank based on MCQs, Book With Teachers can also help you stay on track.
For D.Pharmacy students who wish to stay current and relevant in a sector that is continually expanding, Book With Teachers studies are essential. By utilising digital resources and combining them with books, you may study at your own speed, access top faculty resources from all over India, study more effectively, and stay on top of your studies. organized. The secret to realising your full potential and succeeding in the dynamic area of pharmacy is to embrace Book With Teachers.

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