Human Anatomy and Physiology


Human Anatomy and Physiology Book.

Human anatomy is the study of the body’s structures, physiology is the study of how those structures work

  • Video lectures: Yes
  • Online lecture language: Hindi and English
  • Brand: Book With Teachers
  • Printed Text book hard copy: Yes

Human Anatomy and Physiology book for student.

Get Human Anatomy and Physiology notes, online lectures in Hindi and English.

This course is designed to impart basic knowledge on the structure and functions of the human body.

It helps in understanding both homeostasis mechanisms and homeostatic imbalances of various systems of the human body.

  • Brand: Book with teachers
  • Video lectures: Yes
  • Languages for video lectures: Hindi & English
  • MCQ Test for Human Anatomy and Physiology: Yes

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  1. nareshbasude9

    Human anatomy and physiology book explained in most simple way with flowcharts and diagrams also i got Human anatomy and physiology notes in Book with teachers app, Best book for your dpharmacy.

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