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These are the D.Pharm textbooks carrying a free license code for app subscription wherein students will get access to whole syllabus’s recorded lectures in 2 languages and many value added courses for skill development like pharma management absolutely free.

We are adding life to the D.pharm Books by giving expert’s video on each topic of the syllabus in two language which will clear the concept for better understanding.

Professional courses are nowhere available of this quality at our rate.
We are giving all facilities at the rate of textbook only.

We believe in 360 o (degree) approach studies. Where we will be providing Books + Best Teachers + Value Added Courses+ Daily updates about current affairs in pharma industry at the rate of textbook only.

You will get Simple Books + 2 Teacher’s for each subject + Value added courses ( Pharma management, Entrepreneurship Management) + Daily updates about industry.
All in one place, you can access information at anytime from anywhere.

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