Best Books For Teachers In 2022 - Top 5 Books Every Teachers Must Read

Every teacher has its own way of teaching. but there are some rules and tips for teacher. Here i have listed top 5 books for teachers in 2022 with these books you build your self as a better and professional teacher

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The book is the story of a school going kid of 11years who thinks Abdul Kalam as his mentor. The journey of the boy in the book is all about exploring about the missile man. Later at the age of 16, he tends to start an adventure travel in to the lifeline of Kalam since a kid till his last days. 

The book is a fantasy fiction with lots of emotions shown towards a person whom the boy in the story considers as his mentor. The book gives lots of information about Kalam’s literary works. 

This is not a mere book with a story but the journey of a successful human through whose teachings young children can have an idea of laying path to their golden future. Some Reviewer’s Verdicts:

1.Though a simple book, this has ample amounts of necessary information about the great man ‘Abdul Kalam’!!! A must read for an young Indian.

2.First and foremost what I liked is the concept of the plot when most of student of your age come with a over fried love story you have really engrossed the readers through the uniqueness of the plot. Secondly the language and vocabulary was really good taking on account of readers of every age group. And I must say it’s a great going for a kid of only 16. Wonderful!

3.Way of writing is very interesting and simple. Chapters are arranged systematically, thus giving wonderful experience while reading.

4.”It really inspired me and the way of narration, dragged me to read it in one go. The book is going to inspire the youths”

5.”You have kept the language simple, that’s make it readable.”

6.”Your simplistic approach and the clarity of idea convey the beautiful message that you want to convey.”

7.”I am simply moved. It’s very well written! Being a teenager it has inspired me a lot.”

8.”I just want to say that “I am Motivated”. The way you narrate the story with your own experiences, it is awesome.”


best books for new teachers

2. The Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher

If you want to know the secrets of being a brilliant teacher, read onHave you ever had a class who are angels for your colleagues but little devils as soon as they cross the threshold of your classroom? Or realised too late that your best-laid lesson plans were doomed from the start? Or had your energy and enthusiasm sapped by a mood-hoovering staffroom Grinch? There are many real-world challenges facing teachers but Andy, Gary and Chris have plenty of real-world solutions to share, which are as entertaining as they are achievable.

books for teachers to read

3. Teacher Training: A Reference Handbook

A critical and thought-provoking examination of the teaching profession, from academic preparation and training to opportunities for professional advancement.

Even if math teachers had degrees in mathematics and more physics teachers majored or minored in physics, how would that address behavioral problems, emotionally disturbed children, apathetic parents, and decaying school buildings? How would requiring teachers to have degrees in their content areas attract better-qualified teachers? In what ways would such degrees make teachers better qualified and suited for classrooms?

In this volume, education professor Dave Pushkin, a former high school and community college chemistry and physics teacher, probes beneath the surface of easy answers to determine what the problem with education really is. Tired of being stressed out and burned out doing things he was never trained to do, he examines everything from student teaching and certification to hiring and teaching outside one’s own field
  • Provides a chronology of the evolution of teacher education covering the 1700s to the 1990s and beyond
  • Includes a directory of recommended professional organizations, associations, and government agencies including all state departments of education

best books for teachers 2022

4. Hidden Secrets of the Topper's Mind:

If You are a Student, Parent or a Teacher, Then You've Got to Read this Book!

Discover the psychology of scoring high grades and the power of Topper’s BlueprintTM to become a super successful student, year after year.

You are holding a life-changing book that is based on 13, 000 hours of research in areas of psychology, philosophy and science that enables high performance and success.

This ground-breaking book is written exclusively for students, parents and teachers. It demystifies why some students are bound to be toppers and others are destined to have a life full of drudgery and struggle. It introduces you to a radical concept that has never been discovered or talked about in the field of education – The Topper’s BlueprintTM. In this result-oriented book, you will get exposed to your Study Blueprint and discover ideas, insights and a course of action to harness the power of your mind, dramatically increase your grades and become an all-rounder. Become a TOPPER. Read it! This is NOT a book on memory or study skills, it is much deeper than that. In fact, you must read this book before you take any coaching classes/tuitions or read any other book on study skills/ memory development.

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5. The Secret to becoming a Star Teacher

Sharing a secret never felt so good! Here is something most educators do not talk about. What really makes an exceptional teacher? Almost twenty-five years ago, Asha entered the teaching fraternity, resolving to bring hope to the lives of students, teachers, and whoever came into her circle. In this book she reveals the magic that guided her career and journey through self-exploration.

This book is an empowering tool; it can show you the way to becoming an authentic educator. Like the stars in the night sky, teachers are meant to be radiant sources of compassion, inspiring students to find their direction.

These were the best books for teachers i hope you like these books 

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