100% Pass Guarantee

We’re so confident in our teachers, lecturers, and all other best education factors that we offer a 100% Pass Guarantee, of passing student

Whether you are from the vernacular background, we’re totally committed to supporting you until you achieve your D.pharm. qualification. Book With Teachers is the only who offer this kind of guarantee. 

Our 100% Pass Guarantee

We’re proud of the fact that almost all of our students pass first time. But if you fail at first, we will continue to provide lectures and other support and you will have access to all the relevant online resources, and study materials free of charge until your qualifications.

What you can expect from us:

• Teacher support including recorded/online support
• access to the online value added courses
• free attendance to relevant workshops and seminars (where included as part of your learning package)

All we ask in return is that you:

• read all required Text books
• Attend all lectures
• Attend all workshops required for the course (where selected)
• Meet all assignment deadline dates (where appropriate)
• Submit your assignment/mock exam to your support tutor
• Acknowledge tutor feedback comments.

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